IT Solutions for New Construction

for every customer

Engineering systems
for developers and property management companies

Connecting buildings to the MySmartFlat platform allows you to make them truly "Smart" with minimal costs. Using the MySmartFlat application at the sales stage allows you to effectively demonstrate all the advantages of the future apartment.

Platform features:
  • Video monitoring and intercom
  • Utilities
  • Forums and Chats
  • Smart Home
  • On-line insurance
  • Local business services

Smart home
for individual persons

Replenish your home with appliances and wearable gadgets equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi controls.

The system can easily learn its signals and you can manage it with the MySmartFlat application help. For example, when you wake up, it will warm the water in the kettle or switch on your favorite music when you come home.

You can also control usual appliances at a distance: turn on the water heater in advance, check if the iron is turned off, or operate a convector and even a floor lamp.

IoT buttons
for business

Ready-made SAPFIR technology can be integrated with any service. The technology simplifies interaction with your customers.
We developed a personal account for quick and easy integration with any service. You can just configure the data exchange in your personal SAPFIR account.
One-click SAPFIR replaces the sequence of different actions.
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